From Venue Searches to Event Success: Jocelyn’s Journey with RestauRent

From Venue Searches to Event Success: Jocelyn's Journey with RestauRent

At RestauRent, we’re dedicated to making reserving venues a breeze. But don’t just take our word for it – let’s dive into the experience of Jocelyn, the Employee Engagement and Site Coordinator at Dassault Systèmes, as she shares her journey with RestauRent’s Concierge Program and the RestauRent venue search engine.

Meeting Jocelyn: The Beginning of a Seamless Journey

Jocelyn first encountered RestauRent’s platform in August, when seeking venues for a series of client lunches, dinners, and happy hours. As someone who doesn’t frequent Providence often, she was uncertain about the best places to choose. That’s where our dedicated concierge specialist, Kacie, stepped in to assist. Together, they assessed Jocelyn’s needs and event details, ensuring a tailored approach to venue selection.



A Little Background

Jocelyn became Dassault Systèmes employee engagement and site coordinator in May 2023. Funnily enough the same month the RestauRents beta app launched in Providence Rhode Island. Throughout her time in this role she has since planned 10 corporate dinners and lunches as well as 3 large scale offsite events. She typically plans larger events about 2-3 months in advance, and is responsible for curating venue option presentations for her executive team to review throughout the reservation process. However, she also encounters instances where company clients or out of town employees are making a last minute decision to visit the HQ in Johnston Rhode Island. When this happens Jocelyn only has a week or less to find a private dining room or semi private space. The speed of search and ease of access to venue availability on RestauRant has been her favorite part of using the platform when these instances arise.

One standout venue Jocelyn booked for a happy hour with the help of the concierge program was Marcelino’s boutique bar, setting the stage for a successful event that left a lasting impression on clients.

Marcelino’s Boutique Bar

📍 1 West Exchange Street, Providence, RI 02903

Picture yourself growing up on the Mediterranean, watching the elders craft the most wonderful flavors from scratch—wine, Arak, syrup, and more—using the natural ingredients surrounding them. Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh fruit cooking outside your window, then peering out and watching people crush berries under their feet. Experiences like these become the soul of your past and inspire your present. That feeling is at the heart of the immersive craft cocktail experience here at Marcelino’s event space.

Cocktails being prepared at Marcelino’s Boutique Bar

Lounge style seating at Marcelino’s Boutique Bar 


Empowering Event Planning: From Concierge to Self-Service

But Jocelyn’s journey with RestauRent didn’t end there. After experiencing the benefits of our Concierge Program firsthand, she returned to our platform to plan her company’s holiday party. Utilizing the self-service model, she navigated the platform with ease, leveraging her newfound confidence in venue selection.


According to Jocelyn Spas, Employee Engagement and Site Coordinator at Dassault Systèmes, in a user research interview, she described her favorite venue for company events: “We had our Christmas party at the Reserve on Dorrance, and it was beautiful. It was classic looking. They are a part of the G hospitality group so they really have it together. It’s a good amount of people working for that group. So even if  my main contact there couldn’t answer me right away or couldn’t get me in the building, there was always someone available. So I think they’re my favorite.”

Reserve on Dorrance

📍 60 Dorrance St, Providence, RI 02903

Nestled in the heart of Providence, RI, The Reserve on Dorrance is a restaurant and venue that hosts weddings and other special occasions. This historic property was once known as the Federal Reserve and is full of sumptuous grandeur. The management of this venue invites you to make this the setting for a truly glorious celebration on your wedding day. The Reserve on Dorrance is a one-of-a-kind event space located in a gorgeous building. The interior has luxurious features alongside the original 1920s marble. Your festivities will have gold-beveled coffered ceilings overhead, and enjoy striking views of stained-glass windows!

Tables set for an event at The Reserve on Dorrance

An aerial view of The Reserve on Dorrance dining room during an event

A Testimonial of Success: Why RestauRent Stands Out in Venue Searches

When reflecting on her experience, Jocelyn highlights the efficiency and convenience of RestauRent’s platform. Compared to traditional methods like Google searches, she appreciates the one-stop-shop nature of our platform, saving her valuable time and effort. For someone like Jocelyn, who values personalized assistance and local expertise, RestauRent’s is the go-to solution for stress-free event planning.

Why RestauRent over Google

Q: “What would be the core difference between just searching on Google to find the reserve on Dorance verse using RestauRent? What are those core differences in your mind while you’re like, If I need to find a space for my holiday party, why would I choose to search on RestauRent for venues versus choosing to do a Google search?”

A: “ For me, it’s kind of like a one stop shop because going through restaurants on Google takes too long and lacks information. For example, say someone’s staying at the Omni, I would have to first go look at the Omni, then look through the map, see what’s near  there, then go to each individual restaurant’s website, check their hours, make sure everything’s the space has what I need., I have to do all that on the back end, which in the past has taken me hours for previous jobs

Why I like RestauRent more is because it has everything that’s in the area I’m looking for a space in. If I hit Providence venues, everything shows up and then I can kind of filter out from there versus if I’m Google searching, what’s sponsored is going to come up first. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best fit.. And what is really frustrating about sponsored links is the places that come up might not even be in Providence, it could be in like Newport, but it’s coming up because they paid for their sponsored advertising in this area. So to me, that is frustrating. 

Also, all the information I need for an event isn’t always on a restaurant’s website. So when I’m still calling, I’m still having to do more research in the end to say what, what’s your capacity there versus instantly having event information on your platform. You have that little headcount number which I love and you also have the feature where I can click on the map and quickly see where the venue is located”.

Why RestauRent: A One-Stop Solution for Venue Searching

Jocelyn’s story exemplifies the core difference between RestauRent and other search methods. With RestauRent, users gain access to a comprehensive platform that not only simplifies venue selection but also offers personalized assistance and a wealth of local knowledge. Whether planning a small dinner or a large-scale event, RestauRent is the ultimate resource for event planners like Jocelyn.

Q:” If nothing on Restaurant were to change, if it’s just as it is today, do you see yourself using it again?”

A: “Absolutely. And that’s not biased. I really truly do mean it because it does make my job easier. Especially in those last minute scrambles, when it’s like, ‘Hey, these people are flying in in three days’ and I already had my work week planned and I feel the ‘oh my gosh feeling’, I’m going to scramble in between meetings to find a reservation. I don’t have time to dedicate an hour to make sure I find something that really fits. That’s where I’ll come back to RestauRent, it’s like the one stop shop, like I was saying. It’s just easier for me.”


Conclusion: Join the RestauRent Experience

As Jocelyn continues to plan events with ease, she reaffirms her commitment to RestauRent’s platform and concierge services. With every successful event, she reinforces the value of personalized assistance and streamlined venue selection.

Ready to experience the RestauRent difference for yourself? Join Jocelyn and countless others who have unlocked the secret to stress-free event planning. Whether you prefer the personalized touch of our concierge team or the freedom of our self-service model, RestauRent is here to make your event planning journey a success.

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