Unlock Your Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: A Summer Events Guide

coastal grandmother summer events guide

Ever wondered how to unlock your inner coastal grandmother aesthetic? We’ve got you covered! Discover our ultimate guide to hosting the perfect summer event with that charming coastal grandmother vibe we all adore.  

Outdoor Summer Events with Coastal Charm
Beautiful sunset at Terrazza in Portland, CT perfect for your next celebration!

This summer, we’re embracing the coastal grandmother lifestyle. For those unfamiliar, the coastal grandmother aesthetic combines an elevated yet relaxed style, a love for the beach, and a touch of timeless elegance. Imagine cozy comfort meeting seaside sophistication.

You might be wondering if you need to live by the beach, run around in a button-down shirt, and, well, be a grandmother to embody this trend. The answer is simple: no! Whether you’re a fan of Nancy Meyers movies with their stylish settings, or simply craving that refined summer aesthetic, the coastal grandma aesthetic is for everyone.  

We’ve crafted the ultimate guide to help you unlock your inner coastal grandmother while hosting the perfect summer event. Dive into our tips and ideas to transform your space into a haven of coastal charm. From event spaces to decor, we’ll show you how to create an atmosphere that exudes this aesthetic and make your summer gatherings truly memorable. 

Find Your Coastal Grandmother Vibe

Finding your ideal coastal grandmother aesthetic involves embracing elements that align with your personal values and lifestyle. Whether you’re drawn to clean, natural spaces that prioritize simplicity or you cherish self expression and creativity, defining your preferences is key. Consider what aspect of this aesthetic speaks to you – perhaps it’s the cozy comfort of vintage looks or the coastal hues of collected spaces. Equally important is understanding what aspects of the aesthetic don’t align with your lifestyle and preferences for your summer celebration. By identifying your vibe, you can plan seamlessly and accordingly and create an atmosphere that reflects your unique style and vision. 

Ultimate Rhode Island coostal charm at Haversham House.
Haversham House in Westerly, RI has the perfect coastal charm

Pick Your Space 

When it comes to the coastal grandmother aesthetic, choosing where to host your event is crucial. Are you drawn to the tranquility of seaside settings or inspired by natural landscapes? The decision is up to you. 

Finding your space is as important as unlocking your aesthetic. After all, the space you choose establishes the tone for your party, setting the stage for an unforgettable event. Whether you’re passionate about gardening, drawing, or enjoying a nice sunny day, selecting a venue that aligns with your hobbies can elevate your celebration and create a memorable atmosphere. 

Remember, the venue sets the stage of your celebration, so choose a space that complements both your coastal grandmother aesthetic and your own personal vision. 

At RestauRent, we offer over 600 spaces to choose from. If you’re aiming for the coastal grandmother aesthetic, focus on spaces that are rich in neutral tones, natural landscapes and coastal-inspired decor. Think whites, woods, and serene surroundings to create that perfect vibe.

Maria's Cucina has a great private event space in Rhode Island.
Maria’s Cucina near Federal Hill in Providence, RI offers the perfect backdrop for your Coastal Grandma Style Event

Decorate & Accessorize 

From seashells to weathered driftwood, decorating and accessorizing are pivotal steps in creating a space that meets the expectations of your aesthetic. The coastal grandmother aesthetic is all about neutrals, whites, and clean spaces. Decorate your venue with florals, white linens, collected seashells, and vintage antiques. Mix your traditional-styled furniture with patterns and nostalgic pieces to enhance the ambiance. 

The beauty of the coastal grandma aesthetic lies in its versatility – it can be tailored to suit any celebration or occasion. Plan relaxing activities like painting sessions or group activities to create a calm environment during your event. When it comes to food and beverages, opt for cool drinks and bites, such as cool lemonade or decadent desserts that mirror elegance. Set the mood with relaxing, throwback music to complete the experience. By creating an environment that radiates coastal charm, your guests will also be able to enjoy the coastal grandmother aesthetic to the fullest.

Host your next small gathering at Star Hill Ranch in Austin, Texas
Decorative tabling at Star Hill Ranch

Match the Vibes

Now, for the final step in achieving the ultimate coastal grandmother aesthetic and hosting the best summer party, it’s all about matching the vibes. You’ve carefully chosen your venue and selected decor that reflects coastal living. Next, consider what you and your guests are going to wear – opt for breezy linens, whites, blues, and lighter fabrics. Introduce pops of colors inspired by coastal hues and natural elements, such as pastels and neutrals, to complete the atmosphere. By coordinating the details, you can ensure that your summer celebration will perfectly fit the coastal grandmother aesthetic.

Coastal charm at Bayside in Nahant, MA
The perfect coastal charm found right at the Bayside in Nahant, MA

There you have it, our ultimate guide to unlocking your inner coastal grandmother aesthetic. From selecting the ideal venue to coordinating attire that reflects seaside charm, each step plays a role in executing the perfect summer celebration. As always, RestauRent is here to make your event planning easier with venue choices across multiple regions, each with their own unique flair. 

Get your linens ready, start planning, and prepare to host the coastal grandmother summer party of your dreams! 

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